Tuna Pasta Salad

Tuna pasta salad with added flavor using Rozie's Hot RelSa, it will add finesse to any of your macaroni salads. Switch out Rozie's Hot for Mild, Medium or Extra Hot.


Shell (any shape) pasta (cooked al dente)

Mayonnaise (or Miracle Whip salad dressing if you prefer)

Green olives, sliced

Rozie's Hot RelSa

There's nothing firm about making a tuna pasta salad so I'm skipping the measurements for this one, it depends on when you're serving it and what you put in it.

e.g. If you're serving right away you would use less mayonnaise than if you're making it ahead. Pasta tends to absorb the mayonnaise a bit when stored in the refrigerator. To slow this process you should chill your cooked pasta and other ingredients before mixing your salad.

This would be one of our versions, there's so much you can do with any pasta salad. Before RelSa my go to was celery and onion for tuna pasta salad and I didn't always use olives but they give a nice salty bite, try with Kalamata olives if you prefer.

The list is endless but here are some ideas for your pasta salads:

Chopped red bell peppers or fold in chopped roasted red pepper at the end


Cubed ham, chicken or bacon bits in place of the tuna


Cherry tomatoes

Cheese cubes

Finish with sliced scallions, chopped celery greens, parsley or paprika

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