The story of Rozie's RelSa began in the year 2000. Rozie lives in a small community called "Suomi Location," four miles south of Palmer in the beautiful Upper Peninsula. She lives on what is referred to as a "forty" - in other words, lots of garden space. She has always had a passion for gardening and canning. One day she wondered how certain veggies and spices would taste if blended together. Instead of cucumbers, Rozie used peppers as her base vegetable, and her first product -- RelSa -- was born.

Rozie discovered that RelSa made everything taste better: tuna fish, salmon, pasties, steaks, and even pizza! Her food transformed from good to great.

Rozie's RelSa is now available online and is coming soon to a grocery store near you!


More about Rose... 


Born in Ishpeming, Michigan, as the 5th of 9 children, Rose grew up just south of Palmer, a small mining community of 486 people. Rose has worked in special education and still works in probate courts in the region. Her passion for gardening and canning inspired the development of a pepper blend that was loved by everyone she has shared it with. This is how she founded Rozie’s RelSa. In her first year of business, she won “Best Small Business in Upper Michigan” by Michigan Celebrates Small Business, one of the most prestigious small business awards in the State of Michigan.


Rose wants to be part of the solution that paves the way for future food entrepreneurs so that they can create better-paying jobs and increase access to more locally produced food in a region that imports the vast majority of its food. Rose wants the Upper Peninsula to be healthier and to have better economic stability so that our youth and young adults can stay in a place that they love, Upper Michigan. Rose has a vision of K-12 classes for school children so that they can learn about gardening, production, and healthy eating. 

"Your choice, progress or excuses but, you can’t have them both."