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Sample Pack


  • ​2 Jars of Mild

  • 2 Jars of Medium

  • 1 Jar of Hot

  • 1 Jar of Extra Hot

A great gift or a great pantry staple for holiday parties and entertaining! 

Product Jars2.jpg

$48 USD


Finely minced peppers, celery, carrots, garlic, and leeks combined with spices is what make Rozie’s Mild RelSa a tangy distinctive addition to any dish. 

Product Jars mild.jpg


Finely crafted with a touch of heat using finely minced pickled vegetables with leeks, and garlic.  Use in your recipes or as a condiment when you want to add a crispy delightful bit of heat.

Product Jars Medium.jpg


From the garden to your table, Rozie’s Hot RelSa brings peppers and a lovely array of fresh veggies to any dish. It's hot but doesn't pack as much heat as it does flavor. 

Product Jars Hot.jpg

Extra Hot

The best of Rozie’s garden is in this full bodied Extra Hot RelSa, which is one of Rozie's signature creations. It’s got a kick but won’t blow your face off! 

Product Jars Extra Hot.jpg
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